A Brief Sunday Post

The RoboCup in Eindhoven, Netherlands, has more than 300 teams and 1000 football playing robots from 40 countries, with the mission of beating the human World Cup winners by 2050.

Stalker much? A system being developed by Dina Katabi,  professor in MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and her graduate student Fadel Adib, could give us the ability to track people in different rooms using Wi-Fi spectrum signals. “We wanted to create a device that is low-power, portable and simple enough for anyone to use, to give people the ability to see through walls and closed doors.” Hopefully this technology will only be sold to military/law enforcement types.

A Political Quiz

I’m not real big (openly contemptuous, actually) of those cutesy “online quizzes” (Which ‘My Little Pony’ Are You?), but I clicked ten or so tickie-boxes and more or less agreed with the scoring of the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz“.

Yes, I’m Liberal (as opposed to Fascist) and damned proud of it, too! I thought several of the questions were totally bogus and derived from nonsense GOP talking points (privatize Social Security? Trust the banksters, are you INSANE? What part of ‘security’ don’t you understand?), but at least it didn’t tell me what a Statist I am.

Yes, we do need government for taking on the big problems that for-profit organizations won’t touch, like disaster relief, the common welfare and national defense, etc. We need to control our borders and know who is in the country (you aren’t really a nation if you don’t). I’d readily support selling legal residency cards for a year’s minimum-wage income and good biometric identification data. The tricky part about government is keeping for-profit concerns (Evil Corporations) from ‘regulatory capture’, subverting the common good for private gain. You know, like the way things are going  now.

And don’t get me started on Libertarians! They are perhaps the most bogus bunch of sociopaths masquerading as a political movement yet! They should all move to Somalia, if they actually believe in what they say (but they don’t!). They’re the only lot worse than American ‘conservatives’, as far as I’m concerned. At least conservatives acknowledge the concept of ‘society’, even if they seem to be committed to destroying it most of the time.

Your Results


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