Over and Under

Yeah, this is just like every game of D&D I ever played… just dripping in blood!

George Dyson has a refreshing view of the Turing Test: “I think the test of a truly intelligent machine is if you really had an intelligent machine, it would not reveal it’s intelligence to us. It would play dumber than it really is.” Refreshing, yet slightly sinister.

How Fox News created a new culture of idiots. Cable news has created an entirely new breed of blowhards — and the style has infected banking and even the arts. Maybe they just aren’t revealing their intelligence to us? </snark>

A French software company reveals an actual Sarcasm Detector. It keeps exploding when they point it in this direction.

Japan’s biggest yakuza organised crime group has printed their own motivational magazine that includes a poetry page and senior gangsters’ fishing diaries, reports said Wednesday. Why should AQAP have all the fun?

How a Syrian activist is crowd-sourcing warnings of SCUD missile launches against civilians in Aleppo and other opposition-held areas. “There is value to doing something, even if that something is imperfect, to counteract feelings of helplessness”.

Advertizing via bone conduction coming to mass-transit near you? “Auditory Hallucinations, Brought to You by [Insert Name Here]“.

I hate it when Oklahoma appears in the news. Trogs like this guy explain why we keep electing the ass-clowns we do.

A NY school board lawyer has been fired for calling a parent a ‘fat c*nt’. Loudly, in public and caught on video.

A Florida doctor hopes that his plan to perform vasectomies before a live audience and also stream the procedures on the Internet will make the world a better place. When will he be touring this state?

Manufacturing Can Help Save the Economy, If We Fix These 6 Gaps. “In a 2009 study of high school graduates around the world, the U.S. ranked 31 in math, 23 in science and 17 in reading. China, by the way, ranked first in all three”. It sounds optimistic, but fixing what’s broke is a good first step.



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