Tesla and Sacrifice

Damn, it’s been a retrograde week at work today! I’d always thought that when the inmates were running the asylum it would be more fun. Sadly, NO!

Poor widdle Charles Koch (he’s the one that doesn’t look like Baron von Douchenozzle as much as he does an aging Stephen Colbert, by the way) talks about how his fee-fees got all hurt (“Evil Koch brother”,“Greedy and stuff”, boo-hoo!)  in an interview in which he argues for elimination of the minimum wage and other civilized niceties. You do remember how that family fortune was started by money from the commie mass-murderer Josef Stalin, right? That explains some of those blood stains!

The Earth would be a much better place without these ‘Koch beings’ on it. Here’s a site that helps you know what brands/products to avoid if you loath the Kochs and the Evil they sponsor.

Über-patriot Adam Kokesh, who recently whored for publicity in a video by loading up a shotgun in downtown Washington D.C. (where that is very against the law) has received some of the ‘special attention’ he so craved. According to Kokesh’s web- site, about 7:45PM Tuesday, jack-booted thugs staged an “armed invasion” of his home, and now he’s been  charged with possession of Schedule I/II drugs while in possession of a firearm, not an easy charge to ‘conservative bluster’ your way out of. Next stop:  Fox News, because being a stupid asshole always pays off there! (Among the idiots, I mean).

Tesla Day

Yeah, I’m saying Edison is what’s wrong with the world today, and Tesla is what could have made it all right! Happy birthday, Nikola, you are sorely missed!

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