Are you paranoid enough?

Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Conversation” (1974) is becoming especially poignant of late. Lumber Liquidators should sponsor regular showings. Ohlook, and adolescent ‘Han Solo’ even!

Good news everyone! Remember how hard the Government Surveillance types fought to keep their ‘Stingray’ faux-cell tower spoofing secret? Well, the same thing can be done at home with cellular network extenders (AKA ‘cell phone boosters’, ‘femtocells’, et al).  Researchers at iSEC Partners will be presenting their findings at DefCon this year, which will hopefully mean that the technique will be rendered obsolete quickly. “You should assume that everything you’re saying is being intercepted,” said Doug DePerry, one of the company’s senior consultants. “That is a bit of a defeatist opinion, but sometimes that has to be the way it is.”

Evening! A man with a gun wants to ask you some questions. You’ve got nothing to hide, right?

San Francisco news station KTVU is facing some deserved mocking today after reporting that the pilots on Asiana’s disastrous flight 214 were named Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk, and Bang Ding Ow. KTVU issued an apology and claimed those were the names given to them by the National Transportation Safety Board, where presumably other 13-year-olds are employed.

That anti-vaccination nutjob, Jenny McCarthy, will reportedly be  joining The View in September. Let’s give her a wider audience and see how many more kids die of preventable diseases, why don’t we, ABC? Here’s a petition to protest their disastrous hiring decision.

Elon Musk wants to revolutionize transportation. Again. The serial entrepreneur envisions a future where mag-lev trains in enormous pneumatic tubes whisk us from Los Angeles to New York in 45 minutes. Need to be in Beijing tomorrow? No problem. It’s a two-hour ride away.

The Navy is one step closer to adding a futuristic electromagnetic rail gun to it’s arsenal. Control of the high seas may soon go to the side that can generate the most energy.

Archaeologists working in Scotland have uncovered what they believe is the world’s oldest lunar ‘calendar’ (so far discovered), created some 10,000 years ago – 5000 years earlier than the first calendars of the ‘cradle of civilisation’ in the ancient Near East.

The masochism tango: Why do we love scary stories? Matt Kaplan looks at the science behind monsters old and new, and our perverse love of a good fright.

“What happens on Vega stays on Vega”: former NBA star Baron Davis claims he was abducted by aliens while driving from Las Vegas to L.A.

Here’s a historical Victorian UFO tale from a Harrogate newspaper.

There are many dying languages in the world, but at least one has recently been born, created by children living in a remote village in northern Australia. Warlpiri rampaku is spoken only by people under 35 in Lajamanu, an isolated village of about 700 people in Australia’s Northern Territory. In all, about 350 people speak the language as their native tongue.

The quest is to clone a mammoth. The question is: should we do it? After the dramatic display of a frozen carcass in Japan, the ethics of reviving an extinct species are under intense scrutiny.

This handmade gymnast robot can perform a quadruple backflip from the horizontal bar. It still only gets a ‘4’ from the Russian judge.

A Brazilian man has died after a cow fell on him through his roof as he was lying in bed.

Distractify has put together a compilation of the “funniest movie death scenes ever”, including a particularly amusing one with Arnold Schwarzenegger


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