Look Homeward, Angel!

Say “cheese”! On July 19, the Cassini space probe – in orbit around Saturn – use its wide angle camera to capture a spectacular view of our own planet as a speck in the distance, past the looming view of the ringed giant. Taken from the ‘dark side’ of Saturn, the photo shows a distant Earth, (898 million miles/1.44 billion km away) as a blue dot at center right – our Moon can just barely be seen as a fainter protrusion off the Earth’s right side (this narrow angle shot shows the two more clearly).

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Anakin Skywalker’s hometown is about to be overtaken by sand dunes.

“Make no landing there”. Ever heard of North Sentinel Island? Probably not… even though it’s one of the most unusual places on Earth. What makes it so odd? The people -they’ve been there a long time, completely cut off from the rest of the world. And that’s the way they seem to like it.

You can make a map of any part of the world, of places that don’t even exist… or map stereotypes, even.

After over 20 years of studying “crack babies” one conclusion is clear: “Poverty is a more powerful influence on the outcome of inner-city children than gestational exposure to cocaine.”

Call me “Mr. Flipper”! It’s pretty clear now that dolphins have names and answer to them.

Sometimes you just have to build a frog sexbot, and that can teach you a lot… FOR SCIENCE!

 Most radiologists can’t see them, apparently! Beware the invisible gorillas, they are everywhere.

He is most famous for bending spoons but what you probably didn’t know is that Uri Geller is actually responsible for saving us from a Third World War and Armageddon. That what he says, anyway.

There are carrion bees in Panama that take a pass on the pollen and digest rotting meat instead. I’d take a pass on the local honey if I were you.

This weekend I was using a chainsaw to remove  a pecan tree that had grown through the roof of my greenhouse/tool-shed. I was ten feet up on a ladder when that wasp nest that I hadn’t seen took umbrage and YOW! Only five stings in total, and I made it down the ladder with all my fingers and toes. That’s what panic was made for.


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