The Moon, how does it work?

Many people complain about poor sleep around the full moon, and now a new report from European scientists offers what they say is “some of the first convincing scientific evidence” to suggest that this really is true.

A recent study at Rhode Island Hospital found that patients who underwent aortic dissection during the waning full moon were less likely to die and spent less time in the hospital overall. Maybe the surgeons were less apt to nod off?

Elephants are so crafty they carry out their raids on plantations to coincide with the darkest nights, scientists have found. Scientists at Anglia Ruskin University in UK found the huge animals track the lunar cycle and avoid organising their raids when the moon is full. Fewer people up getting heart surgery, maybe?

And an oldie but goodie! Fox News anchor-genius wonders if volcanoes on the Moon are the result of greenhouse gasses. No, Bill Nye didn’t act on his basest impulses.

Nick Redfern muses on “The Problem with Werewolves”. He’s not just talking about the mess around the water dish.

And speaking of werewolves… a pundit on Fox News proposes The Final Solution for Detroit: “There needs to be a liquidation phase. I mean, these parasites“. Sanctity of a business contract? Not so much. Ein volk, ein Reich unter Ailes! 

Under new cost-cutting plans, Greeks earning more than 100,000 euros ($132,500) a year will have to pay for their own police protection from potential terrorist and organized crime attacks. No word on counter-werewolf expenses.

By the time he was 16, he had never written an essay. He didn’t know South Africa was a country. He couldn’t solve basic algebra problems. Josh Powell’s home “schooling” highlights the problems with Virginia’s religious exemption law. He could still work for Fox, maybe….

A former Indiana school superintendent frantically overhauled a school grading system to ensure a Republican donor’s charter school received an “A” grade. Emails obtained by the Associated Press showed that former Indiana schools chief Tony Bennett, a Republican, insisted that a new school grading system must give the Christel House Academy charter school top marks. Go free enterprise!

As of this week, the French no longer engage in “le binge drinking” — the proper term in la langue française is now “beuverie express” (literally “fast drinking”).

In America, the cheese is dead! Long live the cheese!

Rarely in psychological research do we see such persistently positive reports from a single event in the laboratory“. To support innovation and personal empowerment, everyone should try magic mushrooms.

Cacao plantations in Northeastern Brazil began to fail beginning in the late 1980s. Was this bioterrorism, or just a wiley fungus doing what comes naturally? Ed Yong gives us a rundown on the impact of plant plagues.


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