The Tulsa Mini Maker Faire is Coming!

I guess I’ve been in some sort of coma or something, but the Hardesty Center for Fab Lab Tulsa will present Tulsa Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Guthrie Green. Due to the recent power and communication outages from the storm, they are extending the deadline for the Call for Makers to Friday, August 9th.   I’ve got just a few days to figure out what I could present (if anything) on a short timetable at a really chaotic time. Maybe something simple, like making brass pennies for the kids?

Meet Ippo the ‘Zonkey’. The rare foal was born after a zebra climbed a fence to mate with an endangered donkey.

A group of University of Texas students used spoofed GPS signals to take control of an $80 million yacht in an exercise to demonstrate the vulnerabilities of global navigation systems.

Bloody typical! Grazie Media wussed out on the Marijuana Project Policy video that referred to pot as “the new beer”. The video did appear for several hours Friday before it was pulled from a portable screen across from Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Mark Ruffalo isn’t impressed with the fossil fuel industry: “The spinmeisters for the oil and gas industry sure earned their money this week. A natural gas drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico has a catastrophic blowout, erupts into uncontrolled flames for days, and most of the media buys the industry’s line that we should simply be glad that this disaster wasn’t as serious as that other accident in the Gulf a couple of years ago”.

To hell with Richard III, who buried the walrus under St. Pancras station? In this case that’s not a euphemism. Obviously, this is evidence of ritual satanic walrus abuse as practiced by Freemasons in the Royal Family. You thought the British were animal lovers? Hah! They put on a good act, but think again! Would real animal lovers do this? I think not!



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