It’s “Whack-a-Mole” Wednesday!

Anybody who watches Fox News knows that there is an inherent anti-Muslim bias in their reporting and has been for quite some time,” Reza Aslan said on Wednesday. “I don’t actually blame them for it. They’re a commercial enterprise. They know how to sell a product and, frankly, fear sells a product.” Lauren Green’s interview with Aslan set a new low for television interviews, even for Fox News, and Aslan says he feels really bad for her.

National Security Agency director Gen. Keith Alexander was met with jeers and heckling Wednesday at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, and for good reason.

Oklahoma native Bradley Manning faces up to 136 years in prison, despite being cleared of the “aiding the enemy” charges brought against him. The sentencing phase of his trial began today. I say we bust him out!

The Real House Thieves of New Jersey: David Dayen points out the absurdity and hypocrisy of the Obama/Holder Justice Department. Wall Street banksters illegally foreclosed on 244,000 customers for an estimated $48 billion, defrauded mortgage investors, manipulated energy prices, and fraudulently tampered with lending rates at a total cost that may well run into the trillions. How does the Obama/Holder DoJ indictment count reflect the magnitude of criminality? Let’s look at the record.

Indictments for reality TV stars who accused of defrauding banks in order to obtain approximately $2.4 million in loans: 2.

Indictments of bankers who falsified millions of loan documents, defrauded homeowners and investors, evaded local property sales taxes, and committed multiple other frauds large and small: 0.

Sometimes we do see a glimmer of justice: Judge to serve 28 years after making $2 million for sending black children to jail.

Craven senators Max Baucus and Orrin Hatch want to use this one weird trick to shield authors of toxic tax giveaways from the public view.

A new analysis of the writings of mass killers reports they suffer from an intense form of paranoia.

On the occasion of Stanley Kubrick’s 85th birthday, explore the director’s favourite films.

Avondale (AZ) police say they arrested a man Monday afternoon who allegedly started a fire in his bedroom closet because he was trying to rid his room of demons. Haha- demons LIKE fire, you whacko!

Looney Pat Robertson tells viewer with ‘demons’ to ‘burn the house down’ or get exorcism. Haha- demons LIKE fire, you whacko!

Aleppo rebel religious committee forbids ‘colonial’ croissants.

Dog eats paralyzed man’s testicle.

Here’s Boris Karloff’s sherry-infused guacamole recipe, because it’s AWESOME that Frankenstein liked guacamole.

Donald Duck teaches us about family planning, a dozen years before this bizarre ‘abstinence only’ horseshit took hold:


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