Reality just gets in the way

$250K=poverty, $7.25 an hour = divine judgement… from Fox News!

Bog bless you, Mr. Snowden! The US government has paid at least £100m to the UK spy agency GCHQ over the last three years to secure access to and influence over Britain’s intelligence gathering programs, according to the latest bombshell in The Guardian. Just great, even the NSA is outsourcing overseas.

Curiosity gets the cat a visit from the joint terrorism task force: “Little did we know our seemingly innocent, if curious to a fault, Googling of certain things was creating a perfect storm of terrorism profiling. Because somewhere out there, someone was watching“. As it turns out it was an ex-employer that decided to go all “abundance of caution” over her search for the perfect lentil. I hope the ones watching me enjoy furry porn (or not).

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is “perplexed” (in general), and can’t understand why not all of the other GOP kids will join in his game of “Defunding Obamacare for Freedom!“! (A: windmill season has ended, maybe?). Even Wonkette applauds Cruz’ determination “to be the most useless dick in a building full of them“.

Conservative MSNBC host Joe Scarborough proudly proclaims that he loves Dick.

North Korea has produced an Android tablet that’s surprisingly good, with a 1.2 GHz processor, a gig of RAM, an antenna and “Angry Birds Rio” pre-installed… but no wi-fi access.  If you’re up for some State-sponsored reading, it even comes with “Juche Study Books” so you can brush up on your Kim Il-sung ideology.

A short observation of “St. Anselm’s Corollary“. QED!

Robert Krulwich spins the tale of these dancing lights known as  “The Kopp-Etchells Effect“. Let’s help that name to stick, shall we?


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