Science is the Easy Part

As a former drinker of Tang and eater of Space Food Sticks, it was a walk down memory lane to read Lessons from ‘Elysium’: Go Back to Huge Space Colonies’ Idealistic Roots. It strikes me that the last thing you need in space is a bunch of entitled rich folks… unless they’re riding on the ‘B’ Ark.

…Which brings to mind “The Magic Christian“, an often overlooked classic.

The science is the easy part. The “Hyperloop” transport scheme is a case of a nice engineering proposal likely to be stymied by legal/regulatory issues.

What’s a superpower to do? It’s a real bitch, trying to fight a “diffuse threat” like AQAP, basically an email list for brigands.

20 people suffered injuries in an LG Electronics promotional event in Seoul, Friday.

The Magical World Where McDonald’s Pays $15 an Hour? It’s called ‘Australia’, where Big Mac prices have only been from 6 to 70 cents extra (compared to American prices) over the past two years. When they say they can’t afford higher wages in the U.S. they are telling us a Whopper!

Can ‘Brain Freeze’ Cause Long-Term Brain Damage?

Nick Redfern: taking a deeper look at the culture of conspiracy. Is it our fault that we just expect to be lied to about everything?

NICK BEEF: the mystery of the grave next to Oswald’s finally solved.

How the media and believers in cryptids create a vicious feedback loop: an interview with the authors of “Abominable Science”.

SMBC gives us “Nay-dolph”, the best pub game ever!

As you may or may not know, this might be Erwin Schrödinger’s 126th birthday, and Goodgle gave him a great doodle!


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