Carbon with a side of Pasta and Beethoven

MIT researchers have developed a lightweight structure whose tiny blocks can be snapped together much like the bricks of a child’s construction toy.

Bucky Fuller thought about much more than just building domes and Dymaxion houses. He had a pretty insightful grasp of the history of things, and was convinced that specialist training and the debt-based economy worked together to limit people’s capacities to really think things through. He blamed the “Great Pirates” of history for screwing us all up.

There’s a new carbon in town! Dubbed carbyne, it is stronger and stiffer than any known material. In fact, carbyne is about two times stronger than graphene and carbon nanotubes, which until now were the strongest materials by some margin.

Reuters reports that Germany’s No.2 utility RWE followed peers by announcing cuts in generating capacity, blaming an expansion of renewable energy that has pushed many gas and coal-fired plants into losses. RWE said it would take offline 3,100 megawatts (MW) of power plant capacity in Germany and the Netherlands, about 6 percent of its European total of 52,000 MW.

The Moscow police press service told RIA Novosti that eight “Pastafarians” were detained for “attempting to hold an unsanctioned rally.” Our Russian Pastafarian brothers were holding “pasta processions” in Moscow and St. Petersburg to celebrate the birthday of actor Robert De Niro, who played a character nicknamed “Noodles” in Sergio Leone’s 1984 mafia drama Once Upon A Time In America. Pastafarian militants will be flooding into Russia to respond to this outrage just as soon as we can find some.

Thanks to Bad Astronomy, here’s something you don’t see every day: ‘Ode to Joy’ on theremins in Matryoshka dolls:


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