The holiday is over, get back to work. Now.

A little something to help ease you back into the grind groove:

Police break up ‘drug fueled sex party’ at Masonic Temple in Michigan. And they parted on the Square.

Labor Day’s Secret Society Connections.

Never provoke a passionate teacher by reducing everything to a paycheck.

Stork Held In Egypt On Suspicion Of Spying. The bird was put behind bars after a man fishing in the Nile spotted an electronic device attached to its feathers.

The Smithsonian gives us A Salute to the Wheel. Who knew it was such a Johnny-come-lately?

When buildings attack: architectural solar concentrator vs. Jaguar.

New plastic becomes stronger when stressed. They call this sort of material a ‘mechanophore’. It does a neat trick by cross-linking in response to stress.

An orchid mourns for its extinct bee partner.

Everyone dreams about having a white picket fence… around their eggs.

Nature is so beautiful, totally wonderf…oh my god, kill it! KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Everyone’s favorite food: bacon perfected! There is no carnivore’s dilemma!

The Elvises of American foreign policy and the Shatners of American foreign policy.

The Syria Beat –

CIA Vet Bob Baer Talks About Syria: “Would you follow your ophthalmologist into war?”

Clausewitz reminds us in war it is crucial “not to take the first step without considering the last.

The use of chemical weapons in Syria has outraged the world. But it is easy to forget that Britain has used them – and that Winston Churchill was a powerful advocate for them.

The declassified intel report from France has a slightly different take on the chemical attacks in the Damascus suburbs: they think it was a reprisal attack for revenge against a rebel attack on the Alawites.

The U.S. government may be considering military action in response to chemical strikes near Damascus. But a generation ago, America’s military and intelligence communities knew about and did nothing to stop a series of nerve gas attacks far more devastating than anything Syria has seen.


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