It’s a Weird History Wednesday

Happy Rosh Hashana, by the way!

Anomalous Mitochondrial DNA Lineages in the Cherokee. Or, to quote Gene Wilder in ‘The Frisco Kid’: “I think we have some Jewish Indians here!”

Let’s not forget the intriguing story of the Bat Creek Stone,  professionally excavated in 1889 from an undisturbed burial mound in Eastern Tennessee by the Smithsonian’s Mound Survey project. The inscription on it is apparently Paleo-Hebrew of approximately the first or second century A.D. Or is that really Welsh?

A long overlooked report made to the King of Spain in 1521 provides an eyewitness account of an Irish province on the coast of South Carolina. The description of its culture seemed so absurd to scholars that it was ignored for centuries.

Might the same people have lived on both sides of the AtlanticWhy do you think identical motifs are carved into boulders on the coast of Ireland… and the coast of Georgia?

Mustang, a former kingdom in north-central Nepal, is home to one of the world’s great archaeological mysteries: the Sky Caves.

A tourist has had a lucky escape after being trapped on a remote Australian island for two weeks by a monster six-metre (20-foot) crocodile, reports said Monday.

Radiation levels around tanks storing contaminated water at Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant have risen by a fifth to a new high, officials say. Japan to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into building an ice wall around it.

Nodoroc and the Wog

A queer old historical reference has come to my attention, and I believe it’s worth sharing: “Nodoroc”, the Hell of the Georgia Creeks. A detailed early reference is found in “The Early History of Jackson County, Georgia“, by Gustavus James Nash Wilson (1914).

Prior to the mid-1800s Nodoroc was a burning mud volcano that covered several acres. The center of the site belched flames and black smoke that could be seen for many miles. The flames and smoke presumably came from burning methane, but this is not known for certain. The lethal heat associated with the Nodoroc suggests that perhaps it was more akin to a true volcano.

Nodoroc was also the hunting ground of a beast called the “Wog”, described as a hairy, misshapen beast with a sweeping tail and a forked tongue, and that it fed on carrion and sacrifices. Creepy stuff to be sure!

There’s always Syria –

President Bashar al-Assad’s former defense minister has fled Syria, opposition figures said on Wednesday, noting that General Ali Habib was the most senior of Assad’s Alawite sect to defect.

The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee struggled on Wednesday to reach agreement on a resolution authorizing military strikes in Syria, but scheduled a vote for later in the day as Obama administration officials pressed for action in Congress.


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