‘Dog drones’ and ‘sheepsquatch’

In memoriam: All The People Who Have Died From A Marijuana Overdose.

Tragic accident with RC helicopter claims the life of its operator.

And he rode a pale hexapod: the Mantis has arrived.

Half of the American population lives in just 146 counties. Adjust your target coordinates now.

NASA branches played “dueling space stations” in the early days of the U.S. space program.

Shocking! George Zimmerman’s wife says he’s a total butthole.

Speaking of, here’s the Butthole Surfers – Entering Texas.

Here’s a serious contender for the oldest map of Europe ever found.

Electronics package turns a dog into a drone!

Good news on the London ‘Solar Death Ray’ Tower: it almost sets a British reporter’s hair on fire.

The extraordinary story of British WWI captain released by the Kaiser from German prison camp so he could see his dying mother in Kent – on condition that he returned to his cell… and he DID.

When Sheepsquatch attack!

Welcome To ‘Night Vale’ — Watch Out For The Tarantulas! I was just introduced to the “Welcome to Night Vale” podcast. It’s a podcast of a “community radio” show from a small desert town with a lot of Lovecraftian weirdness lurking at the edges. Put it on in the background and see if anyone notices, but do not attempt to address the Hooded Figures, visit the Forbidden Dog Park or acknowledge (much less even speak of) that shape in the darkness: it would not be good for you.

Syria’s Greatest Hits –

Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria.

Here’s the specs of the LCD (Light Chemical Detector) 3.3 used by the U.N. chemical weapons inspectors. These babies use Ion Mobility Spectroscopy to identify the nasties.

CW inspectors in Syria offer helpful advice to onlookers:


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