Connecting the Dots

Josh Stevens, a PhD candidate at Penn State, has mapped and statistically analyzed reported Bigfoot sightings collected by the Bigfoot Field Research Organization. ‘Squatch Watch: 92 Years of Bigfoot Sightings in the US and Canada.

Six sea monsters that make their horror movie counterparts look tame. What are parasites never beautiful? Predators like tigers are pretty, but never parasites, the poor dears!

Surviving Whole Foods: “Based solely on the attitudes of people sporting namaste paraphernalia today, I’d think it was Sanskrit for ‘go fuck yourself'”.

The good news is: Your jet-pack is almost ready for liftoff. The bad news is: regulators are rolling out the red tape to meet them.

Well, it’s no Hyperloop, but the Shweeb sure does look like a lot of fun!

No surprise: the first randomized controlled trial to study the effects of copper bracelets and magnetic wrist straps on rheumatoid arthritis found no meaningful therapeutic effects beyond those of a placebo.

Beach comes through with yet another tale of strange navigators from distant shores: American Indians in Twelfth-Century Germany?!

A little light reading on the history of elves.

TYRANNY! When bringing ferrets into restaurants is outlawed, only outlaws will bring ferrets into restaurants!

Oklahoma’s own Gov. Mary Fallin ordered the National Guard to stop processing requests for military benefits for same-sex couples, her office confirmed Tuesday. What can you expect from a hypocritical adulterous skank like her?

What has 32 crew, 18 cargo pallets and can put a pair of armed MQ-1 Predator drones in the air in four hours? The Air Force’s “drone base in a box”.

“My ELF weapon”: the clearly delusional Washington Navy Yard shooter left strange inscriptions on the stock of his shotgun.

Paranoid schizophrenics often complain of “electronic harassment” or “gang stalking” as they struggle to put some rational spin on what they are experiencing. And lord knows there’s been enough research on actually putting voices (or at least noises) in people’s heads, though the Army has taken down it’s page on their “voice to skull” technique.


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