An Animalistic Friday

Good kitty! That is Hercules, a ‘liger’ and the world’s largest feline. His mama was a tiger, his daddy a lion. Kinky!

Meet the Maleo, the only bird that can fly the moment it hatches.

The pangolin is the strangest creature you didn’t know was endangered. Why would anyone imagine they even exist?

Some friends of mine captured two copperheads copulating. (Warning: brief NSFW language, and it turns into snake snuff porn at the very end).

Dogs are perfectly happy to interact with robots if they look human. It’s all good if there’s a crotch to snuffle inappropriately!

The strange plot for the Elites to take over the world: The strange story of Atlantica! Did their sinister plan succeed?

“You’re in for WHAT?!” An Australian man has been indicted for a mobile home burglary that netted him an assortment of dwarf porn.

Better than “Sunset Pines”, Granny? Take a look inside the “witch camps” of Ghana.

Invasion of the Algae from Space! Much ado about bad science and even worse reporting thereof.

“Oklahoma – where tall, blond Nordic aliens abduct students by the lake?” Maybe, but maybe not.

Think your cosplay outfit is da bomb? Get a load of these: Creative Costumes of Still-Practiced Pagan Rituals of Europe (19 pics)!

Your politics is broken: Sens. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul don’t really hate Amurrica, they just have to grandstand to get attention (and raise funds) because their “base” is as dumb as a certain stump!


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