Something Slimy This Way Comes

Well, there is “fraud”, and then there’s “employer-enabled fraud”. What I saw yesterday looked like the latter type.

I’ve written before about The Management Family’s infatuation with sleazy, scammy MLM schemes. It’s like an addiction with these people. We’ve been internally spammed about everything from real estate to weight loss products, magical rubber bracelets and a “full-body MOLECULAR cleanse!” over the last few years.

So, last week we got this weirdly worded, crudely formatted, all-employee email about a supposed ‘benefit meeting’:

Good Afternoon Everyone,

 Legal Shield Benefit Meeting !!!

We will be having a benefit meeting in the
Lunch Room on October 30, 2013.
We will be having 2 meeting that day
                        11:30 & 12:30.
Lunch will be provided for all that attend the meeting.
There will be a  “FLAT SCREEN T.V. GIVEAWAY”

Everyone that attends the meeting will have a chance to WIN…. The FLAT SCREEN T.V.
We will have the drawing at the end of the 2nd meeting.

If you plan on attending the meeting, I  will be posting a flyer at the time clocks with a sign-up sheet in order to get head count for lunch that day.

      GIVEAWAY !  


                 WIN IT!!  

      WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2013
                    FREE LUNCH
               11:30AM & 12:30 pm
             NICE “HOLIDAY GIFT” 

And I’m left thinking “Gee, I’ve never been to a legitimate benefit meeting that had to offer free pizza and a door prize drawing before. Do you think it might be a scam?” It was hard not to speculate on some sort of connection between these outside scammers and The Management, given the rosy presentation and history of MLM addiction in The Management Family.

Yep, the scam-artists formerly known as “Pre-Paid Legal” (PPL) are now doing business as “LegalShield™”. Apparently people were starting to get wise to them so they changed their name. I sure can’t fault them for that logic! How are you going to keep fleecing the rubes if you don’t change your name occasionally?

See, I’ve had dealings with PPL in the past. Their crack lawyer failed to handle a simple, bogus, out of statute collection action a few years back, leaving me stuck with a default judgement. I found out about this little back-stab two years later when nothing could be done about it, and when I complained to PPL the answer I got was a simple ‘fuck you’.

Yeah, I know all about these vile ass-clowns.

So, of course I went to the ‘benefit meeting’, and as I listened to The Management put in a good word for the scammer’s product before the pitch-man started his spiel, it made me feel more than a little sick.

Then the pitch-man took the hand-off and started stoking paranoia about how the law was out to get us, and how O.J. only went to jail when he ran out of money, and how LegalShield™ was going to save all our asses! LegalShield™ would make 80% of our traffic tickets magically go away! We could drunk-drive with confidence and be safe from vehicular homicide charges, because they’d handle everything! Child custody and child support worries would be a thing of the past! It was all covered by LegalShield™. Just sign on the dotted line… suckers!

As he was lining up his closing spiel I had to bring up my experience with his firm. Of course his stammered answer was “that could never happen now”. I stood up, expressed my opinion that this was a fraudulent representation for a bogus product/service/company and I walked out of the meeting.

Sure, I looked like the asshole that bad-mouthed the nice man that brought free pizza and a chance to win a TV: so be it. When the victims realize just how far the verbal representations made by the sleazy pitch-man are from what PPL-LegalShield™ membership actually provides they’ll really want to cock-punch that guy; I’ll happily hold him down while they do.

Hats off to Eric, who made a point of asking to see the actual contract… and, wouldn’t you know that the pitch-man didn’t seem to have one with him! ‘HEY TRUST ME, THAT’S ALL AVAILABLE ON-LINE!‘, said the nice man that brought free pizza and gived a chance to win a free TV. What an ethical cockroach! But I know he still snagged at least two victims that didn’t bother to see what they were paying for before signing up, and I fear there may have been more victims that swallowed his deceptive presentation.

Here’s some info on this “legitimate business” at MediaMoogle and ConsumerAffairsI’d take it as a bad sign when such a vast number of complaints about PPL-LegalShield™ are made by their former sales force that got screwed on their commissions and so forth. When they treat their sellers that shitty, just imagine how good being a client must feel (obligatory LOL).

This YouTube user has a few thoughts on the quality of services provided to him by PPL-LegalShield™. His follow up video covers the very disreputable efforts to suppress his negative review of this very disreputable firm. This is pretty much par for the course when dealing with this mob of MLM vermin.


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