On Deciding to Leave a Job

Last Friday I made the decision to leave a job. My reasons were many, largely clustered under the “hostile workplace” umbrella, closely followed by the “hazardous/unsanitary conditions” and “management attitude” categories. Allow me to explain.

Friday marked the third occasion when water was cut off to my building without even the most cursory notice. I mean ZERO notice, as in the cut-off is discovered while using the toilet. They’ve been randomly cutting off the water while working on one of the bathrooms. There’s been no hot water for weeks.

I sent the following email to ‘Management’:

Subject: random water cut-offs
Sent: Friday, November 01, 2013 10:51 AM 

Long term loss of hot water is one thing. Arthritic fingers will survive that.
Randomly cutting off all water is another. Toilets need flushing.
How much logistic planning does it take to give a 5 minute warning?
I mean seriously. This is so third world I can  believe it.

Yeah, I was so ticked off I typo’d “can’t”, but this was the Management response:

Subject: RE: random water cut-offs
Sent: Friday, November 01, 2013 11:15 AM

During the outages you will need to use the restrooms in Building 2 or 3 – if that does not work for you GO HOME…


“Jason” being the dumbest son of a bitch that ever walked the planet…  barely able to write his name in the dirt with a stick, but more than willing to literally suck Management’s dick to be the “straw boss”. The first response to any question, comment or suggestion is “if you don’t think this is the best place to work in the whole world you can just GET OUT NOW!”, which is typical of petty tyrants with no honor.  Clearly, the very idea of any notice of random water cut-offs is not addressed because it is the considered Management opinion that all employees are their bitches, mere peons undeserving of basic courtesies, and apparently indoor plumbing was scoffed at in the barns they were raised in.

I’ve been aware of the nature of Management for the last seven years or so, and I’ve really tried to just keep my mouth shut and just humor them for my family’s sake. The paychecks haven’t bounced, so I kept playing along, no matter what these twisted, arrogant mutants did:

  • I played along when Management decided to put weirdly worded threats on purchase orders in my name,
  • I played along when I told them that they’d probably been violating ITAR regulations for at least the last 10 years and they told me to shut up, because they didn’t need to follow laws like that,
  • I played along when Management didn’t like the news that the noise levels on their tools scaled faster than increases in tool diameter (ie, it was a piece of crap),
  • I played along when they hired an outside engineer to be my boss and put me in my place and he told them the same thing about their tool architecture,
  • I played along when the Founder stood on a table at the Thanksgiving pot-luck and said he’d kill anyone that didn’t love him and his company or got in his way,
  • I played along when I was pressured to “remember” discussions with a former supervisor regarding some R&D that was never documented yet was similar to something a competitor introduced after hiring said former supervisor, and I played along with the low level retaliation that followed my not falsely remembering any such conversations,
  • I played along when I was repeatedly called a “faggot” (the -ULTIMATE- insult to the idiots I worked with) to my face by a particularly piggish, ultra-“christian” co-worker for my somewhat left of Third Reich politics (I told him he was handing his paycheck to anyone that chose to make an issue of it, but it didn’t seem to register on the moron),
  • I played along when the plumbing finally collapsed from all the solvents that had been dumped down the drains for years (Methylene chloride? What’s that to worry about?),
  • I played along for five years of being told my annual review (which was promised at the time of my hiring) would always be happening NEXT month (and never did).

I did have to draw the line on egregious behaviours on a few occasions:

  • I drew a line when some new co-workers (one atheist from India, one a devout Muslim from Kenya) were called “rag-heads” and “sand niggers” by other, redneck co-workers and anti Islamic emails were circulated via the company email system, and I took the very “christian” sender to task personally,
  • I discretely alerted HR (aka Management Daughter #1) that one of the company’s founders was drunkenly asking everyone in earshot if they were homosexuals, because that kind of redneck dumb-fuckerry could jeapardize my paycheck when the company was sued into non-existence if he pulled that crap in front of anyone what cared strongly about it,
  • I openly questioned the relentless scamming of employees by Management Daughter #2, who was determined to prey on her father’s employees with every skeevy scam she could dig up.

I played along with a lot of outright lies and bullshit because times were tough and jobs don’t grow on trees, but watching the Management order a fellow worker to fill sealed metal cylinders with dry ice and then heat them to see if they’d magically repel heat instead of just blowing up (someone finally talked them out of it before anyone was killed by the Stupid), watching people waste days disproving the Management notion that magnetic fields could be shunted with wood, having Management send photographs of a toilet clogged with fecal matter to all employees and deprive a building of restrooms for a month (not related to this ‘last straw’ incident)… all these things contributed to my decision to leave what was my longest standing job ever.  

Some employers are so out of bounds, so set on demeaning and endangering their employees that you just can’t play along any more. After a constant chain of stupid, hateful abuse from hostile, ignorant hillbilly assholes, I read that heartfelt Management reply to my email regarding unannounced water interruptions, and I knew I couldn’t go on another day. I gave my two weeks notice (via email to HR, aka Management Daughter #1) before leaving for lunch, and when I returned I was met by my supervisor, told that my courtesy notice was refused and I was asked to leave the premises, which I did… and I’ve never felt better since. Some bosses are soooo full of suck, so devoid of any redeeming qualities that you just don’t regret quitting, you know?

As far as notifying the various government agencies that might be interested in enforcement actions and multi-million dollar fines for the misdeeds of Management? I just don’t know: I might be liable for NOT reporting the things I’ve seen. It’s going to take a hard think. As much as I relish the thought of punishing some really reprobate behaviour…. We’ll see.

I may be out of a job, but I’m not having my soul leached away or having my time wasted any more, and I’m not putting money into the hands of people I’ve lost all respect for any more. That makes me wake up in a better mood.


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5 Responses to “On Deciding to Leave a Job”

  1. April Brooks Says:

    So glad you got out & decided to write about it too. I sincerely hope you find something less soul sucking very soon. I have a very hard time watching people like that get away with such heinous behavior, knowing they might never get what’s coming to them.

  2. Todd Roper Says:

    Good for you! I’d hire you if I could and you didn’t have a 300 mile commute. Report them if you have evidence.

  3. Kaj Wiik Says:

    Wow, take care!

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