Winter Wonderland Waayyy Down South

A short post today. Thanksgiving has passed, hope you all survived it. My thoughts turn to the Long Cold Time ahead. I’ve got glass-blocks to set to close the hole in my bathroom wall, and glass blocks make me think of ice cubes, and ice cubes make me think of partying at the South end of the world.   

The Amundsen-Scott Station is the National Science Foundation’s permanent Antarctic base. While the NSF has recently labored to gentrify Amundsen-Scott and tone down the wild Polie culture that once ruled there, here’s a look back on the bad old days: “Soused at the South Pole“.

During the winter of 2000, Amundsen-Scott was the scene of an unusual case of poisoning. The Men’s Journal details the mysterious case of Rodney Marks and the background of selecting individuals for over-winter duty (think “a rare and delicate balance of good social skills and an antisocial disposition – basically, loners with very long fuses”).

The Gorgeous, Dangerous World Below Antarctic Ice. A dispatch from the continent’s artist-in-residence.

Drunk History Celebrate the history of Antarctic exploration, as told by drunks in Antarctica: 


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