Mercy, MERCY!!!!

Experiments to Do With Your Baby. Seems fair-play to me, since the little tykes are experimenting on you their every waking moment. And, really, someone put those words in that order in print, then signed their name to it? That’s the part I don’t get. They gonna shank you just for that title.

STEERING SUNSHINE USING ELECTROFLUIDIC CELLS, OMG, I’M GEEKING OUT!! …but-  wait!— If we do this, just hand over an automated, distributed-network solar energy-gathering power nanogrid system, will ‘they’ still need us?  Just a mesh of modules based on a cellular-level analog of an amoral machine intelligence that optimizes for performance, for output I mean, what could go wrong? A minor network expansion to ‘It‘ might look a lot like a war to us, especially since all of our data-streams flow through ‘It‘. Will ‘It‘ use discrete persuasion, or just push us like pawns on a playing-field?

Still Zappadan! Cue Frankie!

Louie Gohmert. Just… Louie Gohmert. -<heavy sigh>-

Hey! Someone’s Been Siphoning Data Through a Huge Security Hole in the Internet! WTF???

Meet Trevor Paglen: he takes pictures of secret things using long lenses.

Let’s take just a real quick peek at Chernobyl’s “Elephant’s Foot”, just to keep it all real, okay? Still lethal after all these years.

When Rick Santorum is Your Best and Brightest… -<heavy sigh>-

How to Pirate A Vinyl Record, And How Vinyl Records Are Made.  Materials science to the rescue!


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