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The NSA, black helicopters, guinea pig orgies

August 21, 2013

Notorious  Sen. Ted “Canadian Candidate” Cruz (R-TX) was heckled at an anti-Obamacare town hall with chants of shouting “you have health care so can we.” Indeed, socialized health care must be just too dangerous for non-senator Americans. Of course, irony has no effect on his kind!

But nothing is more dangerous than Truth, it seems. Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison over the WikiLeaks disclosures.

Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian‘Sending a message’: what the US and UK are attempting to do. And, yes, a British official did actually use the phrase “We can call off the Black Helicopters” while destroying hard drives in the basement of the Guardian. It all sounds a bit taken right out of “Brazil“!

The Wall Street Journal’s full article is pay-walled here, but their interactive graphic of how the NSA scours internet traffic in the U.S. is quite nice.

Human activity is almost certainly the cause of climate change and global sea levels could rise by several feet by the end of the century, according to an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report leaked to media.

A Georgia man is in custody on Wednesday after police said that he shot a 3-year-old relative during an argument with another family member. If only there had been more guns there!

Court orders university to silence wild guinea pig orgies.

From the “It’s about time” department: the Internal Revenue Service was unable to suppress a lawsuit over its failure to audit thousand of churches that allegedly violated federal tax law by engaging in partisan advocacy.

The king of dinosaurs — Tyrannosaurus rex — certainly was not designed to be a carnivore, according to the totally scientific and utterly serious Paul Taylor of Creation Today.