Prof. Offlogic: rumored to be a former toy store clerk, amusement ride operator, even a funeral home hand. Had he really dabbled in TV repair before the disposable culture thought itself ‘supreme’? What about his reputed early days as theatrical scenics, lights & sound technician, and did he REALLY find a kind of twisted fame as a stunt-man for the “adult film” industry? Can these all be illusions to keep ‘The Man’ busy barking up the wrong tree?

Posing as a meek, mild mannered electronics designer, he only occasionally surfaces to wage war on the status quo. Also, because Planet Krypton has changed the locks and pretends to not be home when he tries to go back, Earth (which means something really funny on Krypton) is stuck with him for the time being.

I usually try to update once or twice a day. Though I’ve started to get pretty worked up about the political dumbfuckery going on of late, I try to also present a selection of interesting developments in science and technology and present the occasional fun DIY mad science bits as time allows. If you have any trouble with the projects or techniques I’ve described, just shoot me an email to “profofflogic(at)gmailALLSPAMMERSWILLDIEGROTESQUELYANDVERYSLOWLY.com” and I’ll help all that I’m able to.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. etchd Says:

    Thanks for commenting on my disaster. I actually wasn’t anticipating any views/responses since the only person I’ve told about das blog is my boyfriend but I should have figured blogstats would take care of that.

    If I misquote/misrepresent you I apologize, after years of carefully attributing sources in school papers you’d think I’d have this down pat.

    Everyone’s been so helpful by making this information available online that my results *coughmistakescough* are really due to my inexperience and impatience. Anyways, I’m going to review my sources (including you!) and do way more research for my future projects but above all I’m going to try to remember to have fun with it and experiment.

    I mean, at worst I’ll make something totally hideous, right?

  2. offlogic Says:

    I always try to be the best negative example possible, but I was concerned that your project didn’t turn out so great. I got lucky on the first or second go.
    Anything I can do to help, lemme know.

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