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A Map of Sin and the Death of the Dumpling King!

December 19, 2013

New archaeological evidence from China for the first time documents a chain of events that forged the relationship between human and feline.

#Srirachapocalypse: the ongoing Huy Fong saga. This time it’s personal! Should I start shopping my “Srirachanado!” script yet?

Ohsho Dumpling King Dead after Suspected Shooting! Last year, Japan’s National Police Agency reported 17 gun murders. In the U.S., where population is about 2.5 times greater than Japan, the number of homicides involving firearms hovers around 10,000 per year.

Two-Headed Pig Underscores China’s Need For Quality Semen!

Some naughty crinimals hacked Target’s credit card data over Black Friday. Easier to carry than gold bars, I guess.

Meet Valkyrie, NASA’s new “superhero” robot.  Okay fine, it was designed to be able to access disaster areas and help rescue survivors. Let’s all hope for very slow disaster scenarios and that the bots can play Wagner.

The Only Thing Weirder Than a Telemarketing Robot… a Telemarketing Cyborg!!!?

Sun will ‘flip upside down’ within weeks, says NASA. It does that. The SyFy original is bound to write itself.

It’s the end of the world for radio evangelist Harold Camping. Same goes for legendary country singer Ray Price.

How Benign Bacteria Evolve to Virulent Pathogens: it’s just a shout away!

A Map of the Weirdest Sex Laws in the United States. Oklahoma bar owners: you MUST NOT ALLOW simulated sex with animals (not even them fancy animatronic ones)  on your premises! IT’S THE LAW!!!


All hail these hearts of darkness!

July 24, 2013

All hail McDonald’s “unconventional wisdom”… or is it just outright mendacity? Their stockholders better hope MickieD ain’t using that same “fuzzy math” on their balance sheets! Among the helpful tips McDonald’s offers to its employees:

      • don’t buy food
      • don’t buy clothing
      • don’t heat your home
      • don’t pay more than $600 in rent
      • don’t spend more than $20 on health insurance premiums per month
      • while you’re at it, better get a second or third job too, because you can’t live on what MickyD pays, and SNAP only goes so far!

Speaking of “oh, SNAP!”, it looks like Iowa State is turning out a lower grade of moron these days. Just read this mutton-headed idiotorial on “food stamp abuse”. ‘Many students may wish they had a little extra cash for groceries. However, food is an absolute priority for living’. Does Daddy’s precious little teabagger really understand the BS they’re spewing, or the proper use of ‘however’, even? I kept looking for the “Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?” line to be trotted out. Must not be an English major amongst the petty thugs that scrawled this piece.

Re-wiring the bankster brain: “If you are in any doubt about how little has changed on Wall Street since 2008, check out yesterday’s front page New York Times story about how banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley profited wildly by hoarding and slowing the supply of various commodity metals like aluminum, driving up prices on the global market in the process”. Banks: anything they touch turns to evil™.

Okay, on to brighter, shinier things!

It may look like an enormous mosquito coil, but the Slingatron is designed to be a cheaper way to put bulk cargo into orbit.

There’s something you don’t see everyday: ‘Traffic Zebras’ enforce road safety in Bolivia.

“Look into the eyes of a cat for a moment. Your gaze will flicker between recognising another being, and staring into a void“.

Get acquainted with the legendary Walter “Mad” Halliday (obit 1872) and his hobby of burying genuine Roman coins in odd places with the expressed idea of puzzling future antiquaries.

The biggest virus evah! Each is around 1 micrometre long and 0.5 micrometres across, and their respective genomes top out at 1.9 million and 2.5 million bases — making the Pandoraviruses larger than many bacteria and even some eukaryotic cells.

All Hail Scooby-Doo!

July 19, 2013

I can hardly wait to see “Dear Mr. Watterson”!

Talk about a self-defeating argument: On Tuesday, Deseret News flagged a post on Utah’s Republican State Sen. Aaron Osmond’s blog Friday where he says that Utah “should take a close look at repealing compulsory education.” Just what Utah needs: more idiots! I’m sure it would be beneficial for the GOP, though.

Hours after Rick Perry signed sweeping new restrictions into law, Texas state republicans filed an even more draconian bill to ban abortions after six weeks. What, you didn’t see that coming? Texas, for the last time, please secede yourselves back to Mexico already!

Here’s a very loving retrospective on the “Phantasm” movies. Didja know that Angus Scrimm, who played the Tall Man, once won a Grammy for writing great liner notes or that he also speaks Flemish?

The Vatican is offering time off from purgatory to followers of Pope Francis’ tweets. No, this isn’t something from The Onion.

Honore de Balzac once said: “A man cannot marry before he has studied anatomy and has dissected at the least one woman.” I maintain that you should do this only after marriage.

Call them the ‘Impuritans’: Miscellaneous Sexual Offences – 1653-1683 in the Plymouth Colony Court Records.

Once again the U.S. falls behind: China is ranked world’s fourth ‘horniest country’. “In the past eight years, 5,000 sex shops have opened in Beijing alone. Plus, China even has a Sexpo, where Chinese residents come to check out sex paraphernalia”.

Tour the Museum of Bad Art, for “art too bad to be ignored”.

The only thing worse than arguing on the internet is losing an argument with a cat on the internet.

Call me “Side-Strokes With Pigs”. Yes, you can swim with the pigs at Pig Beach in the Bahamas. Talk about a dream vacation!

Send Prozac! No, not for me… for THEM!

I live in the very sweaty area just under the buckle of the Bible Belt. Having been an atheist from an early age, I frequently have had to deal with some very hostile religious people, particularly protestant christians. Perhaps because more cosmopolitan people from outside Indian Territory (you know, them fancy-pants folks that kin read and write and cypher and even critically analyze new ideas) make it a habit to AVOID THIS AREA LIKE THE PLAGUE, these hostile christians are a rather insular lot, unused to the norms of civilized life and are frequently deluded  into thinking that they’re granted the divine right to accost, condemn and denigrate others over the same matters of conscience they are free to exercise in this country.

It’s very quaint in a “Children of the Corn” manner!

Just last night a lovely woman, a stranger to me, launched into a vitriolic diatribe over my identification as an atheist (may have been on Seriously, if we’d been face to face, the depth of her ignorance and hostility were strong enough that I’d have had to consider the use of lethal force, because she was acting THAT scary-crazy. I can still smell burning heretics in the air.

Is there a “Stand Your Philosophical Ground” law in Oklahoma?  -<Heavy sigh>-

Thank you for “Scooby Doo, The First Atheist Brainwashing Cartoon Reviewed“. I hated this cartoon (mostly due to a friend who insisted on imitating the title character’s speech impediment all the time), but in retrospect…